Achievements Since 2012

  • Increased concentration of learning by children thus girl child education is being promoted in the area.
  • Lowered health complications due to bad water.
  • Increased food production as a result of families now spending time to do farm work with no water stress.
  • Can-rach family Association dissolved and gave rise to Wameku Cingwa Bagdad Women.
  • United both men and women into development activities. Women were able to establish pineapples and banana farms on 5 acres of land for promotion of fruits supply in the region. The first membership subscription fees was used to lease plots of land from Milton Owinji.
  • The sales of farm harvest bought 2 motorcycles. The motorcycles’ income is being used to sponsor 2 girls in secondary school. The group has a goal to educate one girl from each family for future success of the community. If a family has no girl, at least a boy shall be sponsored.
  • Money obtained from bicycles were used to maintain the bicycles by importing spare parts from Nairobi about 2 times to make the bicycles in good condition. Amount used was UGX 720,000.
  • Thirty (30) youths acquired borehole skills and several women acquired empowerment training by the district community development office. They were trained in wealth-creation programs, empowerment of girl child education, saving & loan schemes and management of small groups.
  • Uganda Wildlife Association (UWA) through Murchison Falls Community Conservation program trained the people of Pandiga how to harvest honey with simple manageable technology. They are raising money to establish bee-keeping enterprises where each family will be able to put a hive in the national park project gazette.