Mujjunwa – Provide and improve access to safe and adequate water free

The Project Goal at Mujjunwa

The goal of the project was to provide and improve access to safe and adequate water free from cholera and water‐borne diseases to the local community of Mujjunwa village, Mujjunwa Islamic school, Excel Orphanage Centre and neighboring villages.

Project Impacts on the Community

  • Low health complications due to bad water have been realized
  • Increased food production came as a result of families now spending time to do more farm work because of no water stress
  • Support of at least 50% population around the area due to borehole construction
  • Reduction of time wasted in search for water, leaving enough time for doing other developmental activities
  • Some village youth members were trained how to repair and maintain the borehole in case of breakdown ahead.
  • Increased life expectancy due to usage of safe water, free of water-borne diseases
  • Over 17 youths acquired borehole skills from the first 5 trained youths.
  • Improved community fund savings to upgrade the hand pump to mini water pump
  • 8.4 million of UGX in contributions
  • The HPMs hired tools from the Sub County two times at a cost of UGX 300,000 to repair the borehole