Villagers applied to us and we gave them bicycles

In rural western Uganda, bordering Congo, the primary means of transportation is walking.  People travel to the market, water hole, the hospital and places of employment by walking the badly rutted dirt roads. A bike can be fitted with carriers to transport packages, water, firewood and can even be outfitted to carry as much as would fill a small pick up truck.  And they carry these larger loads to and from destinations in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the effort.

When I visited Uganda recently, I had a unique opportunity to track mountain gorillas through the dense Virunga Forest.  Our guide was a 16 year old kid who had walked 13 miles from his parent’s subsistence farm, to where we left the Ranger’s station that morning, and he told me he that as soon as we finished our trek, he had to immediately walk home to help his parents in the field before the sun set. Yes, we gave him a ride home that day. What, if we had been able to hand him a bike?  Cliff Steele, Founder

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