What We Do

We drill deep boreholes in the very heart of Africa bringing pure water to villages in remote areas of Uganda. These villages are now able to avoid the annual death toll from water borne diseases like Cholera.


We also train the village in project administration, water sanitation, well & pump maintenance, as well as providing ongoing Foundation support and monitoring to ensure the uninterrupted flow of water.


We began with the goal of making pure water available and providing bicycles as an improved means of transportation in the remote primitive villages in western Uganda. When the need for transportation was balanced against health and life, emphasis was shifted to bringing pure drinking water to these villages. The investment is modest for the return, and once properly constructed and maintained, can provide pure drinking water without end, even in times of drought.


We require the commitment of the village to certain obligations before we call upon the drilling company. A finance committee is selected to administer the small user fees collected to maintain the pump and piping. A sanitary committee is established to train the villagers in the safe transportation and storage of water.


A maintenance committee is trained by the driller in basic and advanced well maintenance to keep the water flowing. We also provide a specialized tool kit to facilitate onsite repairs by the villagers.


Finally, we follow up with regular onsite visits to insure the continued good repair and administration of these boreholes.