Water Wells for Uganda

People in remote villages of Uganda need clean water to drink, cook, and wash. Help us continue to build wells to help 1,000s of people.

projects that last

When we build a well, we partner with villages to make sure they are maintained and sustainable.


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You Can Help

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What We Do

We partner with Uganda communities to drill wells, provide solar-powered pumps & taps, and water towers and make sure they are sustained for the future.

Families in rural areas of Uganda don’t have clean water easily available for drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing. 84% of residents live in rural areas.

Villagers can either collect water from a muddy water hole or walk miles to buy clean water from a well in a neighboring village. Many die each year from typhoid, cholera and other illnesses that can be prevented by sanitization and clean water. When we drill a well for a village, people there stop dying.

Celebrating clean water

In October 2022, we visited many of the wells and water projects we built in Uganda and celebrated our shared successes with those communities. It was amazing to see the change over the years.

How you can help

Help The Clean Water Foundation continue to provide clean water to Uganda communities.

99% of donations go directly to construction costs. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.