Pandinga Village well upgraded to solar pump

The Clean Water Foundation constructed the first borehole in 2012.

In December 2018, an upgrade was completed to provide a mini solar pump scheme with 4 fetching points and some pipelines were extended to the garden of fruits – pineapple and banana. The installation was done by Safe Water (SW) Drilltech Systems Uganda Limited in conjunction with the technical team from the district. Got-Liech village and Nyamutete primary school community also benefit from the tap water especially when their fetching spots run dry in the sunny seasons.

  • With an increased concentration of learning by children, female education is being promoted in the area.
  • There are now very low incidences of health complications due to bad water.
  • Increased food production has resulted in families now spending time farming with no water stress.
  • Can-rach Family Association was dissolved and gave rise to Wameku Cingwa Bagdad Women Association. This has united both men and women into development activities. Women are able to establish pineapple and banana farms on 5 acres of land for promotion of fruits supply in the region. The first membership subscription fees was used to lease plots of land from Milton Owinji.
  • The sales from farm harvests bought 2 motorcycles. The motorcycles’ income is being used to sponsor 2 girls in secondary school. The group has a goal to educate one girl from each family for the future success of the community. If a family has no girl, a boy will be sponsored.
  • Money earned from bicycle hire were used to maintain the bicycles by importing spare parts from Nairobi to keep the bicycles in good condition. The amount used was UGX 720,000.
  • Thirty (30) youths acquired borehole skills and several women acquired empowerment training by the district community development office. They were trained in a wealth creation program, empowerment of female education, saving and loan schemes and management of small groups.
  • Uganda Wildlife Association (UWA) through Murchison Falls Community Conservation program trained the people of Pandiga how to harvest honey with simple management.